Combustion Reaction Kinetics

Course Code: PEET6103P
Start Time: Spring 2021

This course will introduce the experiment, theory, and modeling method of combustion reaction kinetics, discuss the combustion chemistry of alkanes, oxygenated fuels, biomass and fire retardant, and the combustion chemistry in new concept combustion technology. The formation mechanism of combustion and atmospheric pollutants will also be discussed. The aim of this course is to enable students to have a systematic understanding of combustion reaction kinetics.

Chapter 1. An Introduction to Combustion Reaction Kinetics (2 lessons)
Chapter 2. Combustion Diagnostics (5 lessons)
Chapter 3. Theoretical and Kinetic Modeling Methods (5 lessons)
Chapter 4. Combustion Chemistry of Base Model (3 lessons)
Chapter 5. Combustion Chemistry of Alkanes and Oxygenated Fuels (5 lessons)
Chapter 6. Combustion Chemistry of Biomass and Fire Retardant (3 lessons)
Chapter 7. Combustion Chemistry in New Concept Combustion (2 lessons)
Chapter 8. Formation Mechanism of Combustion and Atmospheric Pollutants (3 lessons)
Experiment Teaching (8 lessons)
Oral Presentations for Students (4 lessons)